Christine Ontiveros

Welcome to the world of Hawaii Real Estate with Christine! As a real estate agent based on Oahu, Christine brings a unique perspective, having lived on multiple islands. With a background of over 20 plus years in travel &leisure and aviation, both on and off the islands. She can adapt and meet the versatile needs of any customer even if that means island hoping to assist with a transaction. Her deep familiarity with all areas throughout the islands makes her Hawaii's go-to expert for a diverse demographic, catering to both first-time home buyers and seasoned clients.


Christine is more than an agent; she is a friendly face, approachable and patient, making the home-buying or selling process a breeze. Her goal extends beyond transactions; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging. She is on a mission to encourage existing local Hawaii residents, assuring them that the dream of homeownership in Hawaii is attainable.


For newcomers to the islands, Christine becomes a cultural guide, sharing insights about Hawaiian traditions and the vibrant community.She is dedicated to educating transplant buyers and sellers, ensuring they not only find a property but also seamlessly integrate into the rich tapestry of Hawaiian life.


Choose Christine for a real estate journey that’s not just about properties; it’s about embracing the spirit of Hawaii and building a home in paradise.